Nokia 8 Release Date

Nokia 8 Release Date, Price, and Design

Nokia 8: Latest News

Nokia 8 Release Date – HMD Global, the Finnish company as the company that licensed the rights to produce Nokia branded phones, revealed their first Nokia-branded Android flagship phone on August 16th in front of all tech enthusiasts. Finally, Nokia 8 is official now. The introduction of the brand new flag ship Nokia 8 is a good sign of the comeback of Nokia. Although Nokia is not a new player in technology competition, Nokia needs to be extraordinary to win the battle on the market. So, is this Nokia 8 has all it needs for all tech enthusiasts out there? Let’s see together how this newly announced handset will get a response from the customers. Firstly, we’d like to share what we know so far about Nokia 8 release date, price, and design.

Nokia 8 Release Date

As far as we know about the release date, there’s no confirmed date about when the newly announced Nokia 8 will be released. We’ve just given a launch window that the company will launch Nokia 8 in September this year for most markets around the world. We also heard the certain plan for the Nokia 8 would be coming to the UK and also Australia. Especially for the launch in the US, we’ve got nothing clear about it so far. Soon after we hear anything about it, we’d update this information for you.

Price of Nokia 8

Price is also an important element for the success of a newly released smartphone. Customers won’t spend their money if the price doesn’t worth the product. That’s why we want to share what we know about the price of Nokia 8. After the new flag ship is announced officially, we know that the price of this handset is set at  €599/AU$899. For any of you who are in the US and UK, the price works out to be around £550 or $700. This price is below the rate of Samsung Galaxy S8, but the level is still very much in high-end territory.

Design of the newly announced Nokia 8

If we look back at the cost of Nokia 8, it is not exaggerating for expecting the high-end design on the Nokia 8 so that the price worth it. At a glance, the Nokia 8 has a bit odd appearance although it has the specs which are mostly expected by many of us from any top phone this year. As it is confirmed from the announcement, HMD is sticking with capacitive keys and also larger display bezels. Apparently, the company is not following the emerging industry trend which tends to slim down the bezels and move the finger sensor to the rear. We can see that the current high-end smartphones are competing to have bezel less design for the extraordinary touch such as iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, and the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The design of Nokia 8 is slim at 7.3mm with the antennas at the top and the bottom. The back side of the phone is covered with a full aluminum layer that makes it looks glossy. There are two options of color combination available for Nokia 8; those are glossy blue and copper colors, and the other combination is matte blue and grey option. So, which one is your choice?

Well, let’s leave this color options. We still have the camera design of Nokia 8 which is also taking our attention very much. We feel a little bit weird because the company is offering camera tricks instead of the expected superior design. Seriously, it is the first Android phone of Nokia which is featuring Zeiss optics on the front and rear cameras as well. Both rear and front cameras are 13MP sensors, with a dual-camera array for the rear including a monochrome camera. HMD added a bothie mode for the camera although there’s no customization for the camera software. With this bothie more, it is possible to activate both the front and rear cameras to capture photos or even record video. The video (with the front and rear cameras) of Nokia 8 is possible to be broadcasted to YouTube or Facebook natively through the rear and front camera interface. It is one element that differs the camera of Nokia 8 with the camera of Samsung and LG in the past which is almost the same. Not stop right here for the discussion about Nokia 8 design. But the mentioned here are some highlighted points of the flagship to help you figure out how the Nokia 8 really is.

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