Nokia 8 camera review

Nokia 8 Camera Review

Nokia 8 Camera: You Should to Know

Nokia 8 Camera Review – HMD Global has announced its first flagship Nokia branded phone in London on 16 August 2017. The new Nokia-branded phone of the company is a high-end smartphone running Android Nougat which is expected to go on sale in Europe officially in September 2017. As the first high-end Nokia-branded handset after Nokia Lumia, many tech enthusiasts expect the new flagship to have all the requirements of a stunning Android smartphone to put Nokia back on the map. That’s why curiosity is following the announcement of Nokia 8 to find the answer to some speculation about what this new handset will be. As far as we got since the official announcement, apparently Nokia 8 is offering a lot of great features like a powerful chipset, dual-sensor camera, and a perfectly sized QHD display. With all the great features of Nokia 8, it is possibly a good phone, but it is far from a great one if we compare it to the current competitors because it lacks anything unique.

Dual-lens camera with Zeiss optics on Nokia 8

Just like the other newly released smartphones which are the competitors of Nokia 8, the camera is one of the most exciting as well challenging part of the phone to have an enormous attention of tech enthusiasts. Here, we’d like to know further about Nokia 8 camera review to know whether it has any unique points when it is compared to the other smartphone which is featuring the same camera lens type. Before starting the comparison, let’s see what the Nokia 8 has for the camera. Well, so far, the camera of Nokia 8 has been the enticing features of the handset due to its dual-lens camera housed on the rear. This dual sight of the rear camera with Zeiss optics has put the Nokia 8 camera at a higher level than the camera of Lumia. The dual lens consists of a 13MP color lens with Optical Image Stabilisation (f/2.0 aperture) and 13MP monochrome lens (f/2.0 aperture). This rear camera also has Phase Detection Autofocus, two-tone LED flash and also up to 4K resolution video recording.

Apps and features of the Nokia 8 Camera

The rear camera of the Nokia 8 has got pretty much attention, is the front camera also worth the same attention, too? Let’s see these facts of the front camera of Nokia 8. Featuring 13MP lens with f/2.0 aperture, Phase Detection Autofocus, the Display flash, and also up to 4K resolution video recording, it seems that we need to appreciate the selfie camera as one of the good selfie cameras. Still, the level of the Nokia 8 front camera sits on the “good” standard because there’s nothing new about this idea. We don’t get any extraordinary thing so far. Possibly we’ll find the plus point on the app and features of the camera.

App and features of Nokia 8

Apparently, Nokia doesn’t touch the Android Nougat as the operating system of Nokia 8. Still, you can get a custom camera app complete with a decent selection of plenty bonus modes and also unique features. One of these great things is the ability for the user to call up the camera with a quick double-tap on the power button of the Nokia 8. This feature is quite handy if the user wants to take a spontaneous shot and got the moment perfectly. You can take a snap by tapping the shutter button from the main camera UI, or switch to video mode whenever you’d rather capture a movie or video. There are a number of toggles available along the left edges to customize the camera app settings. The toggles, you can turn the flash on or off, add a timer function whenever you need it, and change which camera lenses you want to use for capturing the photo or video. If you launch the camera of Nokia 8 by default, it takes shots with both the rear camera lenses. If you want to use one of both rear camera lenses, you can choose one of them as you want. You can also tap the swap icon to change the camera lens into the front-facing 13MP snapper.

Nokia 8 Camera’s “Bothie” mode

For taking the camera of Nokia 8 to the next level, Nokia has put a ‘Bothie’ mode that allows the user to activate all three cameras at once. By enabling this ‘Bothie’ mode, the display will show a split-screen effect, to shoot with the rear and front camera at once. It is a great feature that offers a fine way of getting the user into a single shot, without resorting to awkward selfies. Anyhow, it is not a brand new thing because we’ve seen this feature on other phones before. Apparently, all photo features, including a subtle camera mode button that sits next to the shutter can be tapped to launch more functions. There are some options from this menu such as panorama images, a swap to beauty mode and call up the manual controls of Nokia 8 for getting precise results like a pro.

Live Bokeh Mode

To complete the feature of Nokia 8’s camera, you’ll also find the ‘live bokeh’ mode that allows you to blur the background. The ‘live bokeh’ of Nokia 8 is a common feature found on the most dual-lens mobile snappers. For adding this bokeh mode to your image, you can choose the degree of the effect from the subtle blurring to full-on bokeh mode, with instant feedback of what you have selected on the screen before taking your snap. So, the captured images will be as perfect as you want.

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