Nokia 8 Battery

Nokia 8 Battery Life and Performance

Nokia 8 Battery

Nokia 8 Battery – After a long absence from the high-end smartphone market, the Nokia-branded phone is now back. The firm has announced the new flagship Nokia 8 on August 16, 2017, that is a new Android-powered handset which is looking for more formidable than ever. Although it is not the first new Android smartphone with Nokia brand, it is arguably the most important one of the previously released: Nokia 3 which is the cheaper one, and the mid-range Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 handsets. The new high-end smartphone Nokia 8 is set to compete with the current high-end smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone, and the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note8. If we look at Nokia 8 at a glance, apparently the firm has worked hard to make Nokia 8 as a stunning smartphone in high-end level. Besides the physical appearance of the Nokia 8, we are curiously want to know the battery life and performance of the phone.

Nokia 8 Battery Capacity

The firm trust a 3,090mAh battery capacity to power Nokia 8 with a high expectation that the phone won’t lack juice during its performance. If we look at this number, it seems like this capacity will struggle quite hard to power its QHD display and also to drive top-end performance. In fact, the quick hands on during the announcement day showed the otherwise result. Nokia does quite well regarding battery life. As far as we know from the rapid moment with the new handset, the battery life would last until the end of the day with medium to intensive usage. For users who use the phone quite a lot, getting through the day with this battery life before it needs a charge is quite possible.

Battery Life of Nokia 8

It has been a common secret that Nokia-branded phone is infamous with its long battery life. By featuring some high-end specs of Nokia 8, it is fascinating to see how it will perform and how long the battery life will last for supporting this phone. For a start of this review about Nokia 8 battery life and performance, we have some facts about the new handset battery. Just like its good reputation for long battery life, apparently, the Nokia 8 is also offering this battery life as good news for tech enthusiasts. The firm has made an advanced heat management solution on Nokia 8. It is an internal liquid-cooling system which is designed to conduct heat away from the chipset. It is an excellent idea to extend the battery life of Nokia 8 by keeping heat levels to a minimum.

Any one who sees this 3,090mAh cell may think that it is too small for a high-end smartphone with a 5.3-inch QHD display. Luckily, it is running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset which is arguably very good at handling power consumption. For charging system of this battery, the users can charge this Nokia 8 via the USB-C port which is placed at the bottom of the phone. There’s no wireless charging option for Nokia 8 which is one of charging option on the most high-end smartphone at the same price with Nokia 8.

An eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor of Nokia 8

The new Nokia-branded phone which is named as Nokia 8 has the sort of internals everybody would expect from any modern flagship smartphone. This phone has an eigh-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and also a full 4GB of RAM. With the processor and RAM inside the Nokia 8, we can predict that the phone can perform pretty well as we all expect. Nokia has a decent performance with this processor and RAM, but it is not the best performance yet. Regarding the super-high-resolution display of Nokia 8, the phone has to push a lot of pixels around to have its best performance. So far, the specs and features of Nokia 8 are not disappointing.

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