Bothie Dual-Camera Setup Nokia 8

Bothie Dual-Camera Setup on Nokia 8

Nokia 8 Bothie Dual-Camera

The first high-end Nokia-branded phone in years has been announced by HMD Global. Nokia 8, the latest smartphone which is designed with the once-dominant Nokia brand, is aimed at the more premium side of the smartphone market that is in Europe. As far as we know, there’s no clear confirmation about the availability of this phone in the US. If the company doesn’t have a plan to sell it in the US, people in this state still have a chance to place an order (pre-order) for getting this handset from the UK and other regions. Nokia 8 looks like a fairly typical flagship phone in most respect with its durable chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, a sharp display, and dual cameras. Although all the mentioned specs of Nokia 8 are quite familiar as the most people might expect of high-end smartphones, there is one unusual feature of this flagship which is called as “Dual-Sight.” Lately, the “Dual-Sight” feature of Nokia 8 is infamous as ‘Bothie Mode’ among the most of the tech enthusiasts. Let’s see How the Bothie Dual-Camera Setup Works on Nokia 8.

Dual-Sight Feature of Nokia 8’s Camera

Dual-lens for the rear camera of Nokia 8 offers some helpful and handy feature to capture a high-quality image or video. Unsurprisingly, this quality is not a brand new thing among high-end smartphone because we can find the same dual camera quality on the other smartphone released this year. Anyway, the existence of Nokia 8’s dual-camera is quite boosted by its ‘Dual-Sight’ feature. This added feature to the rear camera of Nokia 8 allows the user to shoot images using the front and also rear facing cameras at the same time. It means that by activating this feature when launching the camera app of Nokia 8, you will see a split-screen view side by side showing what you can capture using the front and rear camera. Not only for capturing images, but this Dual-Sight feature also allows the users to record videos using both rear and front facing cameras. The result of this Dual-Sight feature is then called as ‘Bothies’ which are explained by HMD as a taken images or videos using this Dual-Sight feature.

Taking Bothies with Nokia 8

Once you have Nokia 8 in your hands, you can launch the camera app of your Nokia 8 as a start for using this feature. When the Dual-sight feature is activated, you’ll see the split screen view on your Nokia 8 showing what is in front of the phone and behind it as well. You’ll also notice there is a “Live” icon in the top corner of the screen. This “Live” icon appearing on the split-screen view can be explained as the sign that the Dual-Sight mode lets you stream your “Bothies.” The Bothies which are in the form of split-screen view videos you are recording using Nokia 8’s front and rear cameras can be connected to Facebook and YouTube directly from the camera app. It is an excellent idea for vlogger to present the complete view of their videos to the viewer, especially when they are a travel bloggers who want to show the whole scenes around them.

Although it sounds pretty appealing, again, this feature is not the first one. Samsung and LG have used this similar “Dual-Sight” feature on their flagship phone even from years ago. The only big change of this feature is the ability of the live streaming component which is not available on the other smartphone yet. It is really a big change for the feature in Nokia 8. Probably this ability of live streaming the Bothies taken with Nokia 8 can be a good reason that makes it a worth buying.

Video Quality of Nokia 8

The rear and front-facing camera of Nokia 8 can be used to shoot Full HD or 4K resolution footage with image stabilization. The lens of Nokia 8 camera copes admirably with changes in lighting, capturing strong detail level even when the bright daylight of the summer. The OZO Audio feature of the Nokia 8 also seems promising in picking up voices and other sounds from all around the phone very well. If you watch back the recorded video and wear headphones, you’ll get the sense of directional surround-sound effect as if you are in a real-time situation of the video. You can also use the camera to record up to 4K resolution video with the front-facing camera which is not commonly found on the other smartphones. So, what do you have in mind about Nokia 8?

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